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About The Monk

THE MONK, a 10-acre resort set amidst Avillion farms in Thondebavi is the perfect ecosystem combining the very unique power of a curated community and the incredible energies of many, all adding up to an enjoyable, relaxed, rejuvenated & joyful time.

Complimented with great food & drinks, amenities, service & warmth, THE MONK is available to complete your experience. There is something for everyone here, whether to make an activity-filled day with family, friends or colleagues or just to unwind and relax at the spa.

All amenities at THE MONK are thoughtfully considered and made to make the experience wholesome and complete.

We take pride, in being able to offer you many in-house games & opportunities during your time here at THE MONK and you will find them all listed inside this folder.

What We Offer

THE MONK will be built on land purchased from RANKA RAJ VENTURES at Avillion Farms. This project will be developed in phases. The 1st phase of development will start after the sale & possession of 100 farmland plots at Avillion Farms.

To consider the commercial viability of the resort, THE MONK will start full operations of the resort after the sale and possession of 140 farmland plots at the Avillion Farms.

Service-based amenities like property management and maintenance services along with estate management services will be effective immediately on the purchase of farmland at the Avillion Farms.

We hope the resort will bring a feeling of containment and relaxation to those who visit the resort. It is our sincere wish and vision now and for the future that all who come to THE MONK, create their own unique stories and experience relaxation of the mind, body & soul and take them with you when you leave, a feeling of happiness, healing and enlightenment.

Our wish is to ensure, that everyone who visits THE MONK, experiences wonderful sounds & vibrations of nature, something that happens naturally.

This folder is to assist you in understanding our vision & mission and the feedback is gratefully received as we are constantly striving to reach higher levels of customer service and satisfaction.




Swimming Pool

Outdoor Games


Repair Services

Rental & Leasing

Accessibility for
Disabled Guests

Guests Parking


Medical Assistance


Outdoor Games

Maintenance Services

Indoor Games

Travel Desk

Kids Club

Bike & Bicycle Rental

Laundry Services

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Got an enquiry?
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